Short Biography of Grand Master Wang Xian

Grand Master Wang Xian

Grand Master Wang Xian was born in 1944 in the village of Chenjiagou, Wenxian, in the province of Henan, China. He is one of the best disciples of 18th generation Chen-style Taiji successors, the Great Masters Chen Zhaopi and Chen Zhaokui and is one of the most notable representatives of the 19th generation successors today.

Grand Master Wang holds the positions of China National High Grade Wushu Coach and Head Coach of the Wenxian Taijiquan Training Centre, Vice Secretary-General of the Wenxian International Taijiquan Research and Competition, Director of the Wenxian, Chenjiagou Martial Arts Training Institute, and is Head Coach and Head Advisor to Taijiquan Associations in Japan, France, Malaysia, South Korea, Spain, Greece, and in almost every province in China. He is also Vice Dean of the Henan University Athletics Department, Honorary Famous Lecturer of Henan Teachers University, and Executive Council member of the Henan Province Tourist Association.

He has won the All-China National Push Hands and Forms Championships on many occasions. Since 1983 he has brought up many outstanding students. His students have won hundreds of gold and silver medals in China and International Push Hands and Forms Competitions. His second son, Master Wang Zhanjun, stands undefeated in Push Hands Competitions since 1993.

Grand Master Wang has made several visits to Japan, France, Spain, Holland, Switzerland, and other countries to pass on his skill and knowledge. The brother of the Emperor of Japan once invited Wang Xian as an honoured guest to the Imperial Palace. The Mayor of Osaka, Japan presented Wang Xian with a Golden Key to the City and made him an honorary citizen. He has also been a guest of France's President Chirac. Wang Xian has published three books, more than seven videos and written many articles regarding Chen's Taijiquan.

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Grand Master Wang Xian
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