Biography of Grand Master Ho Kam Ming

Grand Master Ho Kam Ming

Ho Kam Ming was one of Yip Man's best students who devoted his life in studying and refining the art of Wing Chun and one of the few men who completed the entire system under Yip Man. He also helped Yip Man to teach his classes and his private students.
During that time he developed a very close relationship with the late Grandmaster. In that day and age Ho Kam Ming had opened schools in Macao and Hong Kong. He also organised the "Ho Kam Ming Wing Chun Association" which was authorised by the "Yip Man Wing Chun Association".

Back in the 1960's and 70's, in addition to teaching Wing Chun for self defence, Grandmaster Ho also trained professional Wing Chun fighters. His full contact wing Chun teams fought in martial arts tournaments throughout Southeast Asia and they had achieved considerable recognition.

During the mid 1960's, as the reputation of the school grew, a famous Chinese martial arts school from Hong Kong called for a formal challenge. Challenge, back then, was a very serious matter since it was a good way to establish a good reputation. Although the challenging school had fought and won over a hundred contests in this manner, they lost completely in this match.

Grandmaster Ho nowadays spends his time among Macao, Hong Kong and Canada providing only private training and at the age of 84 years old, his passion towards Wing Chun has only grown.

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