The History of Choi Mok Pai

Founder of Choi Mok Pai Late Grand Master Lau Szi Chung Late Grand Master Lau Yuen Sing
Founder of Choi Mok Pai Late Great Grand Master Lau Sze Chung Late Grand Master Lau Yuen Sing

The style of Choi Mok Pai is a Kung Fu system that originates in the southern Shaolin (Siu Lam) monastery in the Fukien province and has become known in all Shantow. It is one of the most important styles in the region of Eastern KwongDong (KwangTung).

The five most common styles of southern Shaolin are Hung, Lau, Choi, Lee and Mok, named after the five great masters that taught in the south. Choi Mok Pai, takes its name from two from them, but it has also been influenced and contains elements from all these styles as well as a few others, that the founder of the system had learned.
His continuous thirst for knowledge, his indefatigable will and his modest character, allowed him to be taught by important masters even in the age of 50, when in deed he was already famous for his ability and teaching and also had under his personal responsibility a number of schools in different regions of the province.
His name was Lau Sze Chung and it is still mentioned in Hong Kong and the surrounding regions. He was given the nickname "The Tiger with three legs", when during the occupation of part of China by the Japanese, he broke into a prison in order to release a companion of his in the Chinese resistance force. The operation was successful, however master Lau Sze Chung was seriously wounded as his left palm was hewn from his hand.
After hard and persistent training under the guidance of his teacher at the time Cheung Man Wing, his left hand, damaged as it was, was transformed into a powerful weapon that many compared to a hammer.

Master Tang and Master Lau Master Tang and Master Lau
Master Tang and Master Lau

The style that this extraordinary man created was influenced by many other styles from which it took only the most useful and applicable elements according to his opinion. What resulted was his personal method of training and teaching.
Except the five major styles of the south, some of the styles that influenced this method deeply were those of Chu family, Fan family, Chung family, as well as Liu He Quan (Lok Hop Kuen in Cantonese) and Tai Ji that was being widespread at the time.
The result is a complete, mature, dynamic and profound style with combat applicability as its major - if not exclusive - priority.

Master Lau Biu Master Lau Biu
Master Lau Biu

Master Lau Sze Chung passed all his knowledge to his son, Lau Yuen Sing, whose legendary ability still echoes in the martial arts circles in Hong Kong where he was given the nickname "Divine Fist". Master Lau Yuen Sing was also very famous for his long pole technique. He taught in his homeland and in Hong Kong, where the style was widely developed.
Choi Mok Pai practitioners must above all display strong will and moral character in order to tame and control the powerful arsenal of the style's techniques and to accompany the fighting spirit that characterizes this demanding and profound style.

Choi Mok Pai Choi Mok Pai
Choi Mok Pai Choi Mok Pai
Choi Mok Pai Choi Mok Pai
Choi Mok Pai Choi Mok Pai

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